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Paint your hands
At the last stage of manufacturing the finish coating should not seek to ulroscheniyu and economy. So it is possible to erase all previously performed quality work. And if used for finishing compositions is not oil-based, then error correction will have to spend a lot of time.

Decorative fountains
Small waterfall device mini fountain Appearance and design features impromptu fountain will depend on the taste and creative ingenuity of the site owner. However, in any case constitute the basis of the composition has two main components: the actual jet part and receiving a container of water.

Spikes with their hands
Most Items Common carpentry compound is tenon. About making the cleat needs many adjustments and adaptations, as spikes are different in size and shape. How to simplify the manufacturing process and thus spikes that would be safe and not spend a lot of time setting, have a look at the design of devices below.

Swan of tires
Probably at any gardener in the country or in the garage lying one or a certain number of old car tires, which would have to throw out a long time ago, but as is always the case - that the time is not enough, if there is beloved by most rhetorical question: "Suddenly ever need? "In this embodiment, if you wish to make an original and cute decoration for your garden, really useful.

Garden lantern. Manufacturing
Grounds. Making a lantern start with the base. Dismiss the width of the board components. Then stuslo hacksaw zapilivajut ends at an angle of 45 °. Glue the base of waterproof glue, clamps or pull together his belt and allowed to pour glue.

Heat gun - a significant argument in favor of efficient and reliable warm space. Often, owners of organizations, storehouses faced with central heating, having a considerable area. Very sharply this topic worth when the building is leaking, and for whatever reason, can not be applied central heating.

Sharpening turning tools
First of all a good look at the device Whole set Wolverine Grinding Jig consists of two clamps-base sliding podruchnik with V-guard, steering podruchnik with playground and two additions: the nozzle-holder for sharpening skew chisels and a universal holder.

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