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Dressing table
In the case where you have previously received carpentry skills and know the tricks work acceptably with hand tools , the ultimate goal to create this useful furniture in the home will be doable.

Swimming pool for yourself. Whirlpool
exclusive whirlpool Original design and exclusive design make it unique whirlpool. Housing pool insulated with polyurethane foam is made of durable composite plastic. The shape and dimensions of the cup, and the number and arrangement of nozzles individually selected.

Tandoor own hands
In this article you will learn: - Selecting a location for the tandoor. - Construction tandoor. Pit, bricklaying, plastering tandoor, tandara dome lid tandoor. - Adaptations for cooking.

Plots we are small. And when every square meter on the account, the allocation of space for garages and outbuildings - not an easy task.

Efflorescence on walls and control
Often seen as the most recently built a brick house in the spring covered with whitish ugly divorce. This situation is not uncommon in our harsh climate. Who is to blame in the event of the facade of the defect: mount-builders or initially substandard materials? Let`s look into this matter and tell you about how to return the original walls of the attractive appearance.

Bungalow with your hands
To ordinary wooden construction trailer turned into a cozy garden house, enough to attach to it an open terrace. In the heat of the canopy will give you shade and a fertile opportunity to gather the family for a cup of tea.

Homemade wood lathe
A similar problem of choice and I had to face. Came from the same situation is quite simple - figured their capabilities and decided to make the machine itself: so what I needed, especially as the motor and metal product mix I already had.

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