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Homemade Incubator
Mini Home инкубаторIt is advisable to start with the construction of the body of the incubator, then move on to wiring boards and otyaschik of a width of 110 and 15 mm thick.

Sleigh and carriage
Zaim standard six acres, for several years in a row with a unique, by definition neighbors vehicle while being upgraded and sledges, uniaxial and hand truck.

Electric jigsaw with your hands
Striving home worker mechanize possible, their work, replace the mechanical hand tools quite naturally. One of these tools - jigsaw, indispensable in dealing with plywood, thin plastic and other materials.

Every step, two step
If your garden plot is located on a slope, without ladders simply can not do. These structures not only play an important role in helping to overcome the ups and downs.

Joinery technology from craftsmen
We offer to your attention carpentry technology that will help facilitate the work in the studio. In this article you will learn sawing dowels, a series of nail installation drawer, bar grinding mandrel for how to make the circuit board and other sawing dowels To quickly and safely cut off a dowel or part of any round rod without chipping, first circumferentially should make deep gash about 1.5 mm. It is important that during washed down in a circle dowel was unable to lateral displacement.

From old tires
Do soundly host of unnecessary things do not happen. After all, every thing, even overage, you can give a second life, it would wish and a little imagination.

Woodworking with defects
Flawless boards do not exist. But using simple methods to get the most suitable wood from lumber, which at first glance seem substandard.

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