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Suspended plasterboard with their hands
Installation of ceilings must start during finishing work when finished "wet" processes that can significantly increase the humidity in the room. Generally, assembly takes place in the following sequence: applied to the wall mark the design position carcass ceiling , are marked on the ceilings base ceiling mounting location basic profiles or bars and places of fastening hangers; carried mount hangers to ceilings using anchor elements; fixed on the basic profiles suspensions or bars are aligned in the same plane for suspensions adjustable clamp holds; to the main mounting profiles the bars mounted auxiliary bearing profiles bars; installed plasterboard using props in the design position, attached to the frame with screws in increments of no more than 170 mm 500 mm is possible in the first layer of a two-layer skin during installation of both layers in one day, are sealed joints between plasterboard sheets ton, primed face lower surface of the false ceiling.

Tracks - an integral part of any garden. Most durable, long lasting and maintenance-track obtained from concrete. Gray concrete is not as beautiful as natural stone or colored concrete tiles , but it is flexible and allows you to create smooth transitions and intricate twists.

Metal door with your hands
Steel door promptly burst into our everyday life. Probably not the owner, who, if not put a door, then, in any case, not thinking about buying it. Unfortunately, today`s prices are not all allow you to make this purchase without sacrificing the family budget.

Frame garage
Recently very popular frame garages. The growing popularity of connected with a number of advantages, favorably distinguishes this type from other garages.

Ornamental pond in the country - a source of pleasant emotions, a place where flowering plants that can live only in water.

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