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Toeplitz pyramid

2015-12-24 00:00:00

Toeplitz pyramid

Many gardeners gardeners claim that the plants in the greenhouse-pyramid and actually grow noticeably better, less sick, abundant fruit. If you think so, then this material is for you.


Pyramid configuration is optimal with respect to greenhouse-volume area. To maintain the desired temperature inside the greenhouse this requires much less energy than other forms of greenhouses covering the same territory with vegetation.

Maintain the humidity inside the greenhouse pyramid also much easier. Simply put it in bowl with a little water, and comfortable modes of plants guaranteed.

Be the greenhouse-pyramid edge to the south, and it rib will dissipate scorching midday sun rays. But morning and evening light, on the contrary, will be held through faces quite easily.

If you make one face of the pyramid greenhouse-darkened polyethylene, it will serve as an excellent screen. Early spring expand this line to the north, and it will not release the heat from the hothouses. Summer dark face, deployed to the south, to protect plants from sun.

easier to just

Toeplitz-pyramid is not only functional, it can become and unusual decoration area. Offer to build a low-cost mobile greenhouse-pyramid, which is also very easy to use.

1. Four strips 1.5m connect the ends together, plug the other end into the ground at a distance of 1 m from each other. The result is a framework for the future of the pyramid with a square base.

2. Polyethylene film-sleeve cut 4 bilayer triangle with a base of 1.1 m and the other parties on the 1.7 m 10 cm margin for binding cap greenhouse and 20 cm to secure the base.

3. Weld glue, sew or stapled cap for hothouses, with some of the top end uncrosslinked leave, to get the kind of vent.

4. Put the cap on the frame. This greenhouse is very convenient to use, because every year it can be moved to a new location. Warm summer day the hood can be removed, and during the cold rains put back. Yes, and planted in the greenhouse plants in the spring do not need to replant in the open ground - simply remove the cover and frame.


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