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2015-12-27 00:00:00

Chatter with their hands

Various gazebo for garden

The exercise of my dreams - to have in the yard a small, comfortable and aesthetic gazebo - pushed publication in a magazine. As a result, it seems to me, could do no worse.

Pine roundwood by filing woodworking machines manufactured timber 75x75 mm, a length of 2 m and 3-for horizontal and vertical supports, respectively. Under balusters sliced pieces more-100x 100x 1000 mm to after treatment turned timber 75 mm, height 900 mm.

For more reliable fixing of protections at both ends of balusters grooves b made of 35 mm and a length of 30 mm. And in the transverse bars spaced at them and drilled a "pen" d135 mm holes. When assembling and greasing the bore hole with white glue and tightly pounded in timber balusters, fixing screws from the back side. Thus establishing a consistent, was a flight. Combining spans with uprights, assembled frame gazebo. In joints made desperately in half the thickness and strength of the timber further strengthened with screws.


In determining the parameters of the roof was guided by standard polyester synthetic wicker rolled material, a width of 2 m on the cover with a hipped roof took 7 m of roofing material. Frame conical dome of knocked bars and boards photo 3 without sheathing. Polyester tightened screws, joints closed corners for siding.

For soffit "mesh" sliced rail 30x10 mm photo 4 . Between a strip connected with screws, screwed to the cap only to their conical part is not split the rails. Arched arched openings of hazel and fastened to the upright. Seat benches made of timber 40x60, support legs sawed jigsaw of "sorokovke".


Rented a small layer of soil, lay a thick plastic film that prevents the growth of grass. Along the perimeter close to each other hammered pine logs to a depth of 30 cm, leaving the top 20 cm lower ends not even sharpened because the soil at the selected location was soft. Logs pretreated with machine oil. On top of the ends of logs nailed the bottom perimeter bars. Asleep inside pad layer of fine gravel.

In the center gazebo put a solid desk, and made the old chandeliers lamp with dim lighting and hung under the roof. A cozy place long afternoon tea samovar just not think!
Andrew NAGIBOVICH, Dokshitsy Vitebsk region.


Chatter with their hands

Gazebo, which I want to tell, was built for the residents of veterans, the elderly have enough photo 1 . Accordingly, its design must meet certain requirements: a wide entrance, a lot of space including seats, comfortable benches. That it was on both sides of the building is protected from the wind, made it possible to make it as open as possible.

Materials: 80x80 mm, planed timber 1 and 40x60 mm 2, the board 150x30 mm, 400x400 mm paving slabs, sand-lime brick, rail 30x6 mm, slate, Onduline, cement, sand.


Of beams and planks knock one gable frame with rare crate - at the place of fastening sheets of slate photo 5 . Put slate, skate close area of ONDULIN.

Prepare for each lattice insert a double frame. On the inner surface of one nail crosswise strips, attach the second frame. Collected insert attached to the uprights.

Manufacture of timber 2 crossbar seat benches: do the ends desperately, put on pedestals and nail-beds on top of the board. To give the backs of benches slope beneath the triangular insert boards and nailed together to the upright

Vladimir nails, Mogilev


Often in a small hamlet, village or whether dacha cooperative, has its own "trendsetter." That some new Try building material, the plant will plant an unprecedented - and all just want to have the same. And resident GP Pravdinsky Minsk region. Oleg Polishchuk few years ago, without knowing it, brought in his native village fashion on lawns. Neighbors immediately remembered that the site can not just "plow", but also relax. Over time, recreation areas began to appear gazebo. First, of course, built Oleg who became secretive and shared technology of its construction.

First marked out in a selected area square area 3,2 x3, 2 m under the gazebo and the future set in the corners of four vertical columns - asbestos cement pipes for "100 mm, a height of 3 m Two pipes, only 1 m in height, planted a gazebo at the entrance to . Between the columns on the perimeter laid curb. pad is filled with concrete and tiled.
Chatter with their hands

That the pipes do not burst under the weight of the roof, filled them with concrete, but not to the top, and left empty by 40 cm in the remaining cavity of each of the 4 pipes, before the cement has hardened, hammered wooden bars to attach to them rafter the system.

Framework needed for the fill timber: square size 100x100 mm and rafter - 50x100 mm. Roof sheathed light board and decorate soft roof type "katepal" shingles. Chose very popular in Europe cruciform fence, do that under any force. As a starting material suitable, for example, shovel handles. Railings uprights secured using strong metal corners.

Recorded Lily APAROVICH.

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