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Garden furniture
Garden furniture - it is the construction industry, where its capabilities in virtually every strength test builder, even a novice student. Personality of such furniture can be considered that it is quite simple: a number of planes at different angles are linked together.

Garden oven
Until today the garden area you supplied only fruits and vegetables? Now there will be more lush and fragrant bake bread and crispy pizzas.

Chatter own hands
Various gazebo for garden The exercise of my dreams - to have in the yard a small, comfortable and aesthetic gazebo - pushed publication in a magazine. As a result, it seems to me, could do no worse.

Incubator own hands
Take a look at general drawing incubator . As can be seen from it, the central place in the device takes ... three-liter jar - it is a kind of heat source and heat storage simultaneously.

Muffle furnace
Heat treatment of steel parts annealing, quenching and tempering is possible only if the bugle or muffle furnace. Last is the best allows thermally treated any metal parts, as well as to produce a tool items to homemade designs, etc.

Toeplitz pyramid
Many gardeners gardeners claim that the plants in the greenhouse-pyramid and actually grow noticeably better, less sick, abundant fruit. If you think so, then this material is for you.

Care mills
And want covsem not looking to stick cutter in the collet and instantly get down to business. And why not? After all, the last time such a cutter worked fine. But you should know that the application sometimes wrong effects appear, necessarily leaves traces that accumulate, and the more working mill, the greater the decrease its effectiveness.

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